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10 Steps To A Better You!

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In this article, I’ll be showing you the easy ten steps you can do in order to have a better you & relieve stress! We all want to be our best, whether it’s for our loved ones, work, school, or even just to have that peace of mind that we’re doing our absolute best. Here are the easy 10 steps you can take to foster a better you & relieve stress.


You can not deny that working out is a great way to stay in shape. It’s also a great way to get rid of stress and can make you happy. Right after a workout, you will be able to feel great that you are taking care of your body, and know you are looking great! Try working out at least twice a week for 30 mins. It can be light lifting, a little running, or just a nice brisk walk to the park.

Eat Right

Working out and eating right go hand in hand. You don’t need to change your diet completely, but you can try to get a little more vegetables, fruits, and multi-vitamins in your body. Eating properly gives you more energy, keeps your immune system in great shape, and can help lower high blood pressure.

Hang out with people

Friends and family are very important in anyone’s life. They are the people who make us laugh and who we can go to when things get tough. A way to a better you is to surround yourself with people who love and adore you. They can ward off any stress you may have had and definitely put a smile on your face. Be sure to spend time with your loved ones, even if it’s just for a few hours after work.

Have a Stress Outlet

Stress is like a silent killer. It makes us worry over issues for a long period of time. The best thing you can do is try and channel all that stress into something else. You can get rid of your stress through a hard workout, a short trip away with friends, or just watching your favorite show or movie at home. It’s important not to bottle up stress.

Set Your Priorities

A major way to a better you is having a sense of what is important. It’s a quick and easy thing to do: simply write a list. Write down the things that are very important, and you would deal with first. Is it work? School? Kids? Whatever it may be – be sure to write it down. It’s important to see what’s important to you – that way, when you begin to feel overwhelmed, you can see which order to handle things.

Goals, goals, goals

Without goals, you may not feel very accomplished. An important part of a better you is to see your progress. If the goal is to save a couple of hundred dollars a month, be sure to write it down and work towards it. If the goal is to be more involved with your child’s school – go for it. If the goal is to get that promotion, try your hardest. If you set goals and work towards them, you can really see the improvement and progress towards the things you want.


With all the work you are doing, you are going to need breaks. Be sure you are getting enough rest and not overdoing any one of these tips. The best way you can take a break – is however you choose. Is it watching your favorite movie? Going out to the clubs? Having a few drinks? Laying around the house? A long bubble bath? Whatever helps you relax, be sure to do it.

Remove Negativity

We all have people in our lives that are just so negative! It’s important to keep these people out of your life. If they continue being negative and just so gloomy, it can start to wear off on you. You don’t want to be a negative, mean, or nasty person, so be sure if you have people like this in your life to let them go for a bit.

Kick the Bad Habits

If you have some habits that are not so good, try to get rid of them. If you’re a constant smoker, compulsive shopper, or someone with love for sweets, try to acknowledge that bad habit and try cutting back. Smoking fewer packs, putting down the credit card, and leaving the sweets at home can really help.

Foster Relationships

The last step to a better you is building relationships. Surrounding yourself with people who think like you, are as goal-oriented as you, or have the same love for Indie movies as you can really go a long way. It’s the perfect way for you to make more friends and really just be yourself. Be sure to always be true to yourself and the things you like.

Following these steps will have you feeling so much better about yourself and result in less stress in your life and a better understanding of what is important to you.

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