All in for Sugar Land – The Sweet Cash Program

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of hardship throughout the world this year but small businesses have especially been hit hard. The Wall Street Journal estimates that more than one million small businesses have already had to close their doors and we’ve still got 5 months of the year left!

I am so proud to say that my hometown, the City of Sugar Land, has proactively decided to step in and get small businesses churning again. The Visit Sugar Land Convention & Visitor Services and City of Sugar Land Office of Economic Development recently launched an incredible initiative called the Sweet Cash program and I am here to tell you all about it!

sugar land town square view

The process is simple – Buy, Get, Give! For every gift card you BUY from ANY Sugar Land business, you will GET a bonus gift card from a different participating business and Sweet Cash will GIVE a gift card to a frontline worker.  


Simply purchase a gift card (a minimum of $40) from any small business located in Sugar Land, Texas. The more you purchase, the bigger your bonus gets!! So for this example, we’ll say you purchase a $40 gift card.


Fill out a quick online form and submit your receipt online. You then can either pick-up or get your bonus $20 gift card mailed straight to your home. Click here to see all the participating businesses where you may receive a bonus gift card from.


While filling out the online form, you can choose your own front line worker to nominate and they too will receive a $20 gift card from a local participating business listed here.

The more you buy, the more you earn — while helping our local community!

This program will run until funds run out so don’t wait to take advantage of this generous offer and help support small businesses and front line workers all at the time same!! For more details on how the program works, here over here: https://www.sugarlandecodev.com/doing-business/all-in

Sugar Land Town Square, Community Bench

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