Spring into the Art of Spice with De La Viuda Hot Sauce

This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Network Niche Influencer Agency on behalf of De La Viuda Hot Sauce. All opinions are my own.

I’m so thrilled to be showcasing the vibrant flavors of Jalisco, Mexico with De L Viuda hot sauce! This is the secret ingredient that I’ve been adding to all my dishes, giving them a bold kick and a burst of flavor! I wasn’t expecting this hot sauce to be as versatile as it has been, but its bold flavors work so beautifully from all my dishes – whether I’m making breakfast or dinner! Plus, De La Viuda creates these sauces by hand-selecting premium ingredients and spices so the taste is always top-notch! Even my boys have been enjoying the vibrant tastes of these delicious hot sauces and I’m so happy they’re finally available in the US!

Available in two enticing flavors, the Original (with chile de arbol peppers) and Green Pepper (with a mix of poblano and habanero peppers), you can’t go wrong with this 100% traditional Mexican hot sauce! I especially love how this brand has so much depth to everything they do. For example, the beautiful artwork on their hot sauce bottles serves as an homage to a widowed mother from Jalisco, Mexico. After her husband passed away, leaving her with four children to take care of, Senora Sanchez started a street cart business, selling the homemade pasta that her deceased husband used to adore. The inspiration behind the De La Viuda hot sauce comes from this story and pays tribute to the heritage of sharing delicious food with loved ones.

The hot sauce comes in two different flavors: Original (which is a traditional Mexican hot sauce, made with chile de arbol peppers) as well as the Green Pepper (which pairs poblano peppers with habanero peppers to create a complex, tasty flavor)! The legendary hot sauce is finally coming to the US so be sure to follow @delaviudahotsauce on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all their news. Plus, they have a great introductory offer happening on their website right now, where if you purchase 4 bottles, you’ll save $5 off the final price and get free shipping! I’m telling you, ever since I began cooking with De La Viuda, all my dishes have been so much more vibrant and fragrant. I’ve already experimented with adding them to eggs, chicken, even broccoli and it’s been delicious each and every time! Head over to their website to take advantage of the introductory offer and learn more!

Señora Sanchez’s legendary hot sauce is now available! Follow @delaviudahotsauce on Instagram/Facebook to see where it will appear first or visit http://bit.ly/3xsZSxY to get $5.00 off and free shipping of the four-pack in an introductory offer!

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