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Why Should I Be Thinking About Life Insurance Coverage During A Pandemic?

This is a paid recommendation for Dayforward. Please consult a licensed life insurance agent at Dayforward for expert advice as I am not an expert on this matter and all opinions are my own.

If there’s one thing that the past year did, it made everyone realize that despite detailed planning, our future can become uncertain without a moment’s notice. And apparently, I’m not the only one thinking about my own mortality or the future of my family because according to a survey conducted in May and June of 2020 (source: Life Happens), 67% of Americans admitted that the pandemic has been a wake-up call for them and suddenly the topic of life insurance has become prevalent in their discussions with friends and family. 

This rings true for me as prior to last year, I’ve always assumed that we had solid coverage through my husband’s company. But upon closer inspection at the beginning of Covid-19, I realized that having two years’ worth of income for insurance is grossly insufficient when I think about how young my children are and how dependent we are on my husband’s salary. Look, I know this past year was full of gloom and doom so the last thing we want to think about is the possibility of ourselves or our spouse passing away. I get that…. However, there’s never going to be a better time to reassess your family’s financial goals and figure out a solid way to help secure them.

Whether you’ve been putting off examining life insurance policies or have simply been doing the bare minimum through your employer (like my family has been!), you’re not getting any younger and the idea of exploring financial security options for your family has to become a priority. Given the vast amount of uncertainty that 2020 hit us with (the economy, the pandemic, the environment, the politics) I think it is vital now to get serious about figuring out how to protect your family’s financial health from an unforeseeable calamity such as death so stop sticking your head in the sand and hoping it will work itself out. 

The brilliant thing about Dayforward is that you can obtain a policy that protects your family until your youngest one turns 18, 21 or 26 — you decide. Unlike most life insurance companies that pay out a lump sum of money (which then often gets mismanaged and lost!) Dayforward is incredibly innovative because, in the case of death, the company takes over and disperses the equivalent to the insured parents’ paycheck twice a month – until the youngest child reaches the age you select up to 26. 

I absolutely love the security and stability Dayforward can provide, even in the worst of circumstances. I sincerely hope we all stay alive and well for a long time to come but knowing that there’s a back-up plan for my children’s’ future (that I proactively helped to construct) leaves me with peace of mind and fewer worries for the future. Plus, Dayforward even has a mail-in medical exam that you can take at home to make your life even simpler. Head over to the Dayforward website and see how affordable and easy it is to obtain a policy for your family. Let’s be smarter in 2021 and control the things that are within our reach so that we can be more secure when life doesn’t go as planned. 

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