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Mersi Cosmetics – Why Breathable Nail Polish Is Amazing

breathable nail polish halal

Given the huge buying power of Muslim-American women, the beauty industry is starting to finally adapt products to fit their needs. One of the biggest beauty product adaptations has been breathable nail polish and Mersi Cosmetics is leading the charge with a fabulous line.

For those that are unfamiliar, here’s the deal with breathable nail polish and why it’s so important for Muslim women. In our religion, daily prayers are incredibly important and one must perform ablution (or cleansing) with water before you can pray. Traditional nail polish is not permeable with water and creates a barrier for ablutions which caused most Muslim women to simply give up on painting their nails. With Mersi Cosmetics’ nail polish, the formula is both water and air-permeable and makes for an easy choice for Muslim women.

Now if you’re not Muslim, breathable nail polish by Mersi Cosmetics is still a pretty awesome choice for the health of your nails. For years, whenever I got a manicure, within days I would be struggling with hangnails and dehydrated cuticles. It took me forever to figure out the reason was that traditional nail polish actually is really detrimental to your nail health. Traditional nail polish seals our nails off from oxygen and hydration which can cause breakage, hangnails, discoloration and a dry roughness to your fingertips. Who wants that?!

Mersi Cosmetics has an innovative formula which allows water and oxygen to permeate through the nail and actually reach the nailbed, which helps keep nails healthy and hydrated!

Plus, I’m so excited to share that Mersi Cosmetics is currently featuring a Black Lives Matter Donation Set ($49.95) where 50% of all proceeds will be donated to the BLM Movement and you get to customize your favorite 5 shades for your set!

This post is sponsored by Merci Cosmetics. The opinions expressed below are my own. 

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  1. Azra Tahria says:

    What is the name of the nail polish color on the far right? the pinkish mauvish one?

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