Everything You Need to Know

Emotional Wellness is defined as "an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our feelings, and our ability to manage effectively through challenges +changes"

Source:  The National Center for Emotional Wellness


Being able to talk to someone about conflict in a direct but calm way

Having the ability to say "no" without experiencing negative emotions (i.e. guilt, anger, disappointment)

Examples of Healthy  Emotional Wellness

Examples of Good Emotional Wellness

Feeling you have a strong support network of loved ones in your life

Feeling content in being alone without desire to attach self-worth to others' around you

Generally feeling optimistic about your yourself

How to Achieve Optimal Emotional Wellness:

Be mindful and present in the moment. Deter yourself from getting lost in the past or future.

Find activities that reduce your stress and foster a sense of accomplishment.

How to Achieve Optimal Emotional Wellness:

Cultivate your social circles with open communication and affection.

Make sleep quality and quantity a priority.

How to Achieve Optimal Emotional Wellness:

Take care of your body and invigorate it regularly.

Strengthen boundaries in your work-life balance.