Good Habits

How to Form

That Stick!


The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.

1. Consistency

At the beginning, stick to the habit every single day to help reprogram your mind.

2. Mini-Habits

Instead of tackling a huge life-changing habit (that can quickly overwhelm), stick to mini-habits.

1. Write a book >>> Write 10 minutes daily 2. Run 5 miles >>> Walk 10 minutes daily 3. Lose 20lbs. >>> Eat a healthy breakfast every day 4. Save $1,000 this month  >>> Skip morning coffeeshop today

Mini-Habit Examples

Attach desired habit to an already established one

3. Attach

if you go to check the mail daily, add a quick ten-minute walk to it.

Attach  Example:

4. Focus on time

Set time limits instead of task limits.

instead of saying you'll write a chapter of your book today, focus on writing for 1 hour straight.

For example,

1. CONSISTENCY stick to it daily! 2. MINI-HABITS make small habits 3. ATTACH attach small changes to existing habits  4. FOCUS ON TIME set time limits, not tasks limits

How to Form Good Habits that Stick!