How to Slow Down 

(When things get too fast this holiday season)

Take a deep breath

When the holiday stress overwhelms you, start by taking time to do deep breathing.

Enjoy the moment

Don't rush to get things done, enjoy the moment by taking a slower pace  

Put on some holiday music

Christmas + other holiday songs are fun, festive and can also have a cheerful + calming effect

Sit by the fire, drink hot chocolate, light candles + indulge in  being present

Be mindful of finding 5 mins even to way to simply sit down and savor the memories you're trying to make

Get outdoors for fresh air and enjoy nature's beauty

Being in nature is a great way to relax, reset and release endorphins.

Watch a movie together with friends + family

Movies can be exciting and fun ways to spend time together as a family without overexerting yourself with hosting duties