6 Steps to Increase Your



is when you cultivate your own creative abilities and knowledge base by having a variety of experiences.

Intellectual  Wellness

It is the simplest way to foster your creativity and have an adventure.

1 Read a Book

Whether it's gardening, playing a musical instrument or attending the theater regularly - find something that you haven't done before and nurture your curiosity.

2 Take up a New Hobby

Anytime you train your mind to learn something new,  you're fostering intellectual wellness.

3 Learn a New Language

Take time to watch documentaries on topics you know nothing about and see what can  amaze you!

4 Watch Documentaries

Writing down a few lines daily can do wonders for a person's creative thoughts.

5 Journal  Daily

It's a great way to broaden your intellectual horizons!

6 Do  Crossword or Puzzles